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Hawthornes spanking parties mainly cater for the male dominant and female submissive.

They are held in private venues in and around London, and normally commence at 12.30 am finishing around 5.30 pm.

They are normally small numbers with four to six males with two to three girls.

Parties are fully participating, with every man getting to deal with every girl several times using several implements including the cane.

Food and drink is included in the fee, which is between £150 & £180.00 per person.

Participation is by invitation only.

To join the guest list please make an application here


The afternoon found four very repectable gentlemen appointed to the Disciplinary Committee of St Somewhere's Hospital.

Their task for the afternoon was to encourage a higher standard of work from two of the nursing staff, Emily and Aliesha, who had achieved less than acceptable grades in a recent spot check on performance.

They set to with a will, each member of the committee finding it necessary to place each girl over their knee and administer a sound spanking. Not satisfied that the lesson was sufficient at that point, each girl was bent in turn over an examination bench to recieve numerous strokes fom a variety of CP implements.

A short breal for refreshments enabled our committee to adjudge if the punishments were effective, but alas it seemed that they thought more was needed.

Further over the knee spankings were followed by a series of well aimed and well administered cane strokes, which it was finally agreed completed the afternoon.

The delightful Aliesha waiting for the caning to begin.